Safety Rules


BRAN Safety Rules

BRAN has had an exceptional safety record and your organizers want to keep it that way.   In the last few years, we have noticed an increase in the number of riders who are riding in an unsafe manner.   As a result, we have implemented a set of reasonable procedures to deal with our few violators.

  1. BRAN Crew members and Roving SAG drivers will be on the lookout for anyone riding unsafe.   A warning will be issued and the rider’s number recorded.   You will know you have been warned.
  2. If you are warned and have a repeat violation, you will be directed to leave the ride.
  3. If issues still exist, you will be permanently banned from registering for BRAN in the future.
  4. These are the kind of unsafe acts that can give rise to a warning:
  • Not using a rideable shoulder.
  • Crossing the highways centerline without intending to turnaround or to stop.
  • Staying 2-3 abreast on an un-shouldered road, especially going uphill.
  • Back tracking against the route on un-shouldered roads.
  • Notification of an unsafe act by a law enforcement officer.
  • Violation of the Nebraska State Traffic Laws including those affecting bicycling.
  • Not following instructions from a BRAN Crew member or Roving SAG driver.

Riders who have been warned will have their rider number recorded in the BRAN Camp headquarters.

We want you to have a good time on BRAN.   We want you to have a safe ride.   We need riders to self-police themselves.   Sometimes it is the most experienced riders who are the biggest problem.   While dealing with other riders and vehicles, they over estimating their ability to ride safely.   In the wide open spaces of Nebraska we have a false sense of security.   Ride as if you were on a busy city street even though you are riding in the country.   We can not have one or two riders jeopardize the fun and enjoyment of the other 600 riders.   Remember, two days are the most difficult!   The first day; we are full of vim and vigor and ride that way.   And the last day; we encounter the traffic in the eastern part of our state.

Please stay alert.

The BRAN Crew thanks you all.
Have a great and safe ride.

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