Private Vehicles



Close to a hundred vehicles accompany BRAN on the trek across Nebraska…Private sags are as much ambassadors of BRAN as are the bicycle riders.   However, Private Vehicles represent a potential safety issue for BRAN.

Over the years, BRAN has had serious mishaps with private vehicles.   As a result, some strict guidelines need to be adhered to in order to insure an orderly and safe ride.   Failure to follow these guidelines could result in you being asked to leave the ride.   Additionally, riders you are supporting may also be asked to leave the ride and their fee refunded.


  • Use the Private Vehicle routes whenever possible.
  • Pass cyclists with care.   Give the riders a wide berth.   Assume someone will hit a road hazard and will get thrown from his/her bicycle – leave them plenty of room.   Don’t tail behind riders, this will impede traffic behind you.   When riders go single file, this should leave room to pass without having to go to the other side of the road.   Remember, 3 feet is the law.
  • Wait for riders in towns along the route, not along the road.
  • Be careful around bikes that may be parked or are lying on the ground around your vehicle.


Rules of the Road:

  1. All vehicles must be registered. Access to overnight campgrounds will be controlled and local law enforcement personnel will allow only registered vehicles on the campgrounds.   Vehicles will be assigned numbers much like the riders.   Numbers are to be displayed on the dashboard on the right side of your vehicle.   They must be readily visible.   Your vehicle number is included in the packet picked up at registration.
  2. Vehicle drivers are advised to not drive along the BRAN route if at all possible.   For a good portion of the ride, alternative highways parallel the BRAN route.   You are encouraged to use these alternative routes.   If an alternative route is not available, only drive on the route in flow and direction of the riders.   Driving against the grain on roads without shoulders creates a hazard and interferes with the Official BRAN Roving SAGs (who will be going in both directions.)
  3. If you want to wait for friends who are riding, you should do so in along-the-route towns.   There are plenty of BRAN SAGs available on the route to take care of your friends.   It is imperative that the route remain clear and safe for the riders.   The Nebraska State Patrol and local law enforcement are empowered to issue citations for obstruction of traffic.   Let’s keep the route safe for everyone.
  4. As you park in along-the-route and overnight towns be especially careful as you start up, back up, or pull away.   BRAN riders may lay their bicycles down behind or in front of your vehicle.   We don’t want anyone driving over them.
  5. Along with these guidelines, will be your BRAN Guide.   Read it carefully.   The BRAN Guide will provide you with day-by-day maps to reach the next over-night town in the safest manner possible for our riders.
  6. There will be a number of official BRAN SAGs on the route.   They will carry water, refreshments, and first aid kits if the need arises.
  7. BRAN is a guest of the communities which we travel through.   Please respect everyone’s rights.   We have a good reputation for being a friendly ride which leaves its campgrounds cleaner than they were found.   Let’s not ruin that reputation.
  8. Each vehicle will be issued a vehicle pass (number), T-Shirt for the driver, and BRAN Tour Guide.   All passengers must sign a Liability waiver for Insurance purposes.
  9. If weather or route conditions dictate, BRAN may need assistance of private sags to help shuttle people or bikes.   If you are interested in volunteering, please let the Camp Director or Sag Director know that you can help.
  10. Remember, Bicycle Ride Across Nebraska Inc.. And the Omaha Pedalers Bicycle Club, Inc., the along-the-route and overnight towns, their officers, members, employees and volunteers are not the insurer of the safety or protections of your vehicle, its contents, or its driver and you have held them harmless from any loss or damage which could occur as a result of participating in BRAN or operating your vehicle during BRAN.

Private Vehicle Meeting:

To get you familiar with the expectations of private vehicle drivers, following the Rider meeting a get-together for the drivers will be held.   To create a better riding experience for BRAN riders and the drivers, it is essential to create a safe and pleasant environment for cyclists.   Secondarily, we want to enhance the services provided to the support crews of individual riders.

Take this opportunity to meet veteran private vehicle drivers and meet the newbies.

The roads that we will be traveling are primarily two lane roads.   The safety and enjoyment of cyclists is optimized by reducing vehicular traffic to a minimum along the entire route, including private accompanying vehicles.   On many of the days, a separate route to the next host town for all non-essential BRAN vehicles and private vehicles is not possible for BRAN.   There are opportunities along the route for private vehicles to meet riders for lunch or other breaks, but our aim is to provide safe passage and efficient support by relying primarily on official BRAN vehicles to administer basic services to riders.

There will be stationary BRAN SAGs along the route and roving SAGs that will continuously monitor both riders and environmental conditions.   Roving and stationary SAG vehicles will provide food, water, and emergency services.   Selected BRAN personnel are trained and certified to provide Basic First Aid and emergency care.   Vehicles are equipped with communication technology that allows efficient access to area police and medical facilities and to obtain real-time weather and environmental information.   If a rider has mechanical or physical difficulties, BRAN personnel will shuttle them to either a designated meeting place with personal vehicles or to the next host town.   The safety of riders is our primary duty.

Nightly road conditions and safety information for the next day’s ride will be posted on the BRAN semi baggage truck.   The Private Vehicle Guide contains maps and information customized for you.   Suggested activities and sites are contained in the Guide.

BRAN Camp Headquarters:

The BRAN Headquarters will be located in a recreational motor home clearly identified with a banner and a tall flag pole and flag.   The purpose of the BRAN Camp Headquarters is for late check in, information, lost and found, minor first aid and/or any assistance you, or a rider, may need.

Information and Message Boards will be on the BRAN baggage truck

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