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    • How do I register for the ride?
      • The online registration link and waiver form can be found in the Register section on this website.
    • Are teams allowed to ride?
      • Yes!
    • How many people ride on BRAN?
      • The ride is limited to 600 riders.
    • How long is the ride?
      • BRAN is either a 7-day tour, 4-day tour or a 3-day tour.
    • What is BRAN?
      • BRAN stands for Bicycle Ride Across Nebraska. It is once-a-year opportunity to visit the sites and enjoy the country hospitality of Nebraska from the seat of your bicycle. Proceeds from the ride are used to fund scholarships at post-secondary schools in Nebraska (Nebraska students attending Nebraska schools).
    • How do I get information about BRAN?
      • Information about the ride itself can be obtained here at the FAQ site or email: brantour@yahoo.com
    • Who is the ride designed for?
      • This is a tour designed by bicyclists for bicyclistsand designed for all age groups.
    • How can I find out more information on Nebraska?
    • Does BRAN provide refunds?
      • BRAN has a NO REFUND policy with no exceptions. If you have concerns about receiving a refund and you are not able to participate then you should consider purchasing Travel Insurance on your own. BRAN will ONLY consider offering a refund in we cancel the ride.

What’s New for 2022

    • Bicycle Transport from Wahoo to Alliance on Saturday June 4th
      • New to this service is that Pork Belly Ventures will provide a Semi and transport your bike to the start. Bikes will be hung and no longer has to be boxed. If you prefer to box your bike that is available. BRAN will reach out to all riders who sign up for the bus as to which option you plan to bring your bike. This is included with your bus registration.
    • Baggage Transport for ALL Registered Riders
      • This service will be provided by Pork Belly Ventures and includes loading and unloading baggage at each overnight town. Riders will only need to bring their bags to the back of the baggage trailer and Pork Belly Ventures crew will load/unload baggage. This service is included in your Registration fee.
    • Charging Trailer for ALL Registered riders
      • Pork Belly Ventures will provide a dedicated charging trailer with lockers for charging your devices. This service is included in your Registration Fee.
    • Charging for all E-bike Batteries
      • If you have an E-bike bring it. We will have charging service for all E-bike batteries provided by Pork Belly Ventures and included in your Registration Fee.
    • The Bike Way will provide Bicycle Support
      • The Bike Way in Omaha, Nebraska located at 15115 Industrial Road will provide bicycle support if needed on the ride. They will provide limited repairs, tubes, tires, nutrition, clothing and other bike needs during the week of the ride.  Costs for these services is determined by The Bike Way.

Beginning the Ride

      • How do I get to the starting point?
        • BRAN arranges a Charter Service to take the rider, and luggage to the starting point. This Service is indicated on the registration form for an additional fee. You must sign up for this when you register as the number of seats are limited. We cannot take day of bus registrations. You are responsible for getting yourself to the bus departure point on time.
        • You can drive to the starting point or carpool with other riders.  You may have a friend or family member drop you off at the start town. If you bring a vehicle that will be with you all week then you need to register that vehicle.
        • If you do not wish to ride the bus out, you can post your travel needs on the BRAN Facebook page to see if any other riders from your area are going and if you might arrange to ride with them.
      • How do I get my bike to the starting point?
        • If you ride the BRAN buses, a baggage truck will take your bike to the starting point. If you are not riding the bus, you will be responsible for transporting your bike to the starting point.
      • How do I get my bike to the starting point if I live out-of-state or don’t want to ride the bus?
        • In the past, many riders have made arrangements with Nebraska area bike shops to mail their bikes to the starting point. Others have made their situations known on our Facebook page and have made arrangements with other riders going on the tour. Or contact the ride start town and arrange to ship your bike directly to them.
      • I need someone to drive my car to the starting point. Can BRAN help?
        • Please post your needs on the BRAN Facebook page. We have had people volunteer to help out with driving when they see those needs.
      • What time does the BRAN bus leave?
        • Buses will load in Wahoo, NE on Saturday, June 4th at the Wahoo Fairgrounds.  Busses will depart at 7am however we ask you arrive an hour early to allow time to tag and get your bike on the bike transport.  Also to check in with our BRAN staff to make sure you have purchased a bus ride to the start and get your bags loaded.
      • Where do I park my car if I want to leave it at the bus departure point?
        • There will be designated parking for BRAN 40 participants taking the bus from Wahoo, NE to Alliance, NE at the Wahoo Fairgrounds.
      • Is there a place for me to leave my car at the first host community?
        • Riders wanting to leave their car in the first host city of Alliance can park their vehicles at the High School parking lot.  At check in BRAN staff will ask if you are leaving your car and need to get your make, model and license number of your vehicle so that the Alliance Police Department knows it is staying there.
      • What do I need to bring for check in?
        • You will need to bring your ID. Check-in is on Saturday, June 4th in Alliance, NE for weeklong riders and any 3 or 4 day riders starting in Alliance.
      • Can I camp at the departure point before buses leave for Alliance?
        • A limited amount of riders that want to stay overnight in Wahoo before the busses leave in the morning can stay at the Fairgrounds however there will be no showers and one restroom will be open.


      • Is online registration available?
        • Yes! The link and necessary waiver can be found in the Register section on this website.
      • We offer a full week, 3 day or 4 day ride options.
        • If you choose the weeklong ride you will start in Alliance and end in Wahoo. You can buy a bus ticket that will take you to the start town or be dropped off at the start town by a friend or family member. At the end of the ride, you can be picked up by a friend or family member or leave your vehicle at the Wahoo Fairgrounds during the week. Registration and check-in will be Saturday night June 4th in Alliance.
        • If you choose to ride the first 3 days you will start in Alliance and end in Callaway. At the end of your ride, you will need to be picked up in Callaway by a friend or family member. You can also buy a bus ticket that will take you to the start town or be dropped off at the start town by a friend or family member. Registration and check-in will be Saturday night June 4th in Alliance.
        • If you choose to ride the first 4 days you will start in Alliance and end in Ord. At the end of your ride, you will need to be picked up in Ord by a friend or family member. You can also buy a bus ticket that will take you to the start town or be dropped off at the start town by a friend or family member. Registration and check-in will be on Saturday night June 4th in Alliance.
        • If you choose the last 3 days you will start in Ord and end in Wahoo and you will need to find a ride to the start. Registration and check-in will be Wednesday night, June 8th in Ord.
        • If you choose the last 4 days then you will start in Callaway and end in Wahoo and you will need to find a ride to the start. Registration and check-in will be on Tuesday night, June 7th in Callaway.
        • Please note that all registrations and check-ins are the night before each ride option starts.
      • How much does BRAN cost?
        • The registration fee for the 2022 tour is $350 for the full week or $200 for the 4-day ride and $150 for the 3-day ride. The 2022 bus fee is $120 to ride the bus from Wahoo, NE to the start host town, Alliance, NE. Any private vehicles accompanying BRAN riders are also charged a fee. The private vehicle fee for 2022 is $75. (Prices will increase on April 15th)
      • Is Registration open on the first day of the ride?
        • Registration on the first day is available ONLY if the ride is not filled to the 600 rider maximum.
      • How do I register the person(s) who will be driving (or riding in) my car during the tour and providing private support?
        • Private support vehicles must register. All drivers must registered and sign the BRAN Agreement, Waiver and Release of Liability. There is a place on the registration form to indicate car registration. A BRAN Agreement, Waiver and Release of Liability must be signed by all additional passengers in your vehicle.
      • How do I know if I have been accepted for the tour? What kind of confirmation is given?
        • When using online registration, you will receive an automatic email notification at the time of registration.
      • How long does it take to receive the BRAN packet and Tout Guide after registration/fees are sent in?
        • Packets are usually sent out mid-May.

Accommodations/Amenities on the ride

      • Do I have to carry my own gear?
        • No. A baggage truck transports your luggage/camping gear to each host town. The luggage is lined up and riders claim their gear when they get in from the day’s ride.
      • How is the gear tagged?
        • Please put a tag on your gear with your information. You are limited to 2 bags. Please see suggested checklist.
      • What about sleeping accommodations?
        • BRAN is a camping tour. Each rider is expected to provide for their own sleeping arrangements. Most riders bring a tent to sleep in. BRAN arranges for riders and support personnel to camp on high school football fields or in their city parks. In the event of inclement weather (i.e. heavy rains, thunderstorms, tornadoes, snow, etc.), facilities will be provided.
        • Pork Belly Ventures Offers a tent service and PHAT rooms (hotel trailer) for a fee. To sign up for this service go to the links section and to sign up and check out what they offer.
        • Some Host Communities offer BRAN riders Bed-A-Biker. Host will allow riders to stay in their homes. A fee is charged as part of a community fund raiser. Check with the Host Community contacts for more information.
        • Some towns/cities have hotel/motel/Bed & Breakfast accommodations as well. Anyone interested in such lodging is responsible for making their own reservations.
        • In the past some churches have allowed riders to stay in their basements. Again, this kind of arrangement would depend on what the host community provides. Check with the Host Community contact to confirm if they will be offering this service.
      • What time do we have to get up in the morning?
        • You can wake up whenever you want to, but you are required to take down your tent, pack your gear and get it to the Baggage trailer each day so that it can be taken to the next town. We will post baggage drop off time when determined but usually by 8:00am. DO NOT START TO RIDE BEFORE DAYLIGHT!
      • Is there any place to recharge my personal devices or battery for my E-bike?
        • Yes. Port Belly Ventures has a Charging trailer to charge your personal devices and also batteries for E-bikes.
      • Where do we eat/get food on the tour?
        • It’s always a good idea to check your Tour Guide for food options. The host towns will provide breakfast/dinner at a cost. Many of the churches and civic organizations plan buffets, potlucks, etc. There are also restaurants in the towns/cities on tour. A city/town along the way may set up a luncheon (at cost to the rider). The BRAN SAG support also offers fruit/water and other snacks on the tour. Donations are welcomed for these supplies. There are also convenience stores along the way most days of the tour, as well as bake sales and other food booths supplied by various civic/school organizations.
      • What is the bathroom/shower accommodations?
        • Hot showers are provided to registered riders and drivers in your registration fee from Pork Belly Ventures. Pork Belly Ventures has towels, shampoo and soap in the showers or you can bring your own personal grooming supplies.
      • What do we do during the day and in the evening after the ride?
        • Check the Tour Guide for interesting stops on the ride. In the Host Communities, people will get a nap in after riding all day or will take advantage of whatever the town has to offer for entertainment. There are several options for grub, ranging from Potlucks to local restaurants. The evening is also a great time to meet new friends and just have fun!
      • What about services for my bike?
        • In the evening people also check their bikes over to make sure they don’t have any thorns/glass etc. in their tires. There is a bike shop that goes on tour with us who can meet most of your cycling needs.
      • Is there internet access available on the ride?
        • In many of the towns, the high schools open their computer labs or offer WiFi so people can check their e-mail or send messages to home.
      • Is there an emergency phone number for people to use who have to reach someone on BRAN?
        • Yes, numbers are usually posted or available with check-in materials.
      • Will someone wake us up in the morning?
        • No. However, you will quickly learn that there is no need for an alarm. The sound of tent zippers usually wakes folks up in a hurry. However, if you are a heavy sleeper or sleep away from the main campground area, you will need a travel alarm or someone to wake you up.
      • Are there any dump stations along the route?
        • Individuals needing RV services are advised to check with the individual host communities for details.
      • Are laundry facilities available?
        • There are Laundromats in some of the towns we will stay in and some of the host homes allow riders to wash/dry their clothing. Most riders choose to bring enough clothing for the entire tour.
      • Is there medical support while on tour?
        • Yes. We have a nurse that can be seen at the Camp Director Headquarters after the days ride to get limited medical aid. If a rider becomes injured on the road, he/she (and their bike) will be picked up by the SAG Crew and transported to the nearest medical facility. If a rider is unable to continue the ride due to fatigue, a designated SAG driver can pick them up. However, we are not a taxi service. Please condition yourself for a weeklong ride.
      • Is there on-road support?
        • Yes. We have roving SAGs, stationary SAGs that follow the riders on tour. Riders should know how to fix a flat tire and carry the necessary tools and spare tubes to fix a flat. However, if you feel that you lack this knowledge or are physically unable to do this, a support person or bike shop can help you. In many cases, more experienced riders will help you change your tire. To prevent most flats, make sure tires are properly inflated and free of thorns, etc. Please be sure to have your bike serviced and ready prior to the ride.
      • Are there restroom facilities on the road?
        • Not provided by BRAN. There are usually small towns that contain stations and/or convenience stores where you can take care of your needs. However, many riders use the great outdoors. You may want to carry a partial roll of TP, just in case. Folks who live on the road are sometimes agreeable to allowing riders to use their bathrooms as well.
      • What can I do if I want to take off a jacket or pants that I’ve worn in the cool early morning but don’t want to carry them on the bike?
        • You can give them to a stationary SAG and pick them up at Camp Headquarters after the days ride.

Post-Ride Celebration

      • Please join the BRAN Crew and the Omaha Pedalers Bicycle Club for a Post Ride Celebration at the end of the ride on Saturday, June 11th. Food/drink will be provided. This is a great time to say all of your good-byes, take photos, and say thank you to those who made the ride possible. (Donations for the food are encouraged and welcomed!)
    • How do I share my pictures on the Photo Gallery?
      • If you are comfortable uploading your own photos, email the webmaster, address webmaster@bran-inc.org
    • What do I do if I don’t feel comfortable doing the upload?
      • If you would prefer not to do the upload yourself, you can forward the photos to brantour@yahoo.com and we will get them posted.

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